Keyboard Bumps
Finally type with just 1 Hand
- Jason
Great beginner Typing Aid.
Cheap to buy, easy to apply...
- Sheldon
Pretty cool way to find all the keyboard shortcuts.
- Barry
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KeyboardBumps™ Keyboard Enhancers
Glow in the Dark Silicone Stickers
  • STOP hitting the wrong key!
  • STOP looking down at the keyboard!
  • STOP using backspace as much!
  • Start knowing all keys by feel.
  • Start keeping your eyes up and on screen.
  • Start keyboarding faster and with less mistakes.
KeyboardBumps™ are the first ever affordable enhancement for all computer users.

Normal keyboards are all built with 1 way of being used. The official way is with both hands on the keyboard positioned on the home keys. The normal keyboard also has miniscule bumps that were originally designed in the 50's for the ideal "small woman's" hand. This does not work for gamers, those with bigger hands or anybody who suffers from finger sensitivity issues from health or have callused fingers from working a hard days with your hands. (see How Gamers Use Keyboard). That all changes with KeyboardBumps™.

With this product, gamers can find all the keys you need BY FEEL! Now you no longer have to look at the keyboard. Those with big strong hands can now feel the home keys. Not to mention those suffering from ailments such as mild stroke can now find their way back to typing. All this is done with a some cool looking little silicone bumps. Keyboard Bumps let you stay focused on your task, not your keyboard.

Our bumps are made out of hand detailed, moisture resistant material that allow you to instinctually find all the important keys on your keyboard by touch.

Each KeyboardBump™ is designed to fit all laptop, notebook or full size keyboard keys. Each one measures 3/8th inches by 2/8th inches. guarantees they will fit and adhere to your keyboard or your money back!
Money back guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase return your KeyboardBumps™ to us and we will refund your purchase price.

KeyboardBumps™ are made out of highly durable custom molded silicone. Each KeyboardBump™ has a strong semi-permanent adhesive backing. You can leave your bump on your keyboard indefinitely or move it around a couple times. Any adhesive residue left behind is easily cleaned off and never damages the plastic keyboard.(See instructions)

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